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“Howzat!!!” The saying can only be associated with one sport and it can only be the national sport of England… Cricket!

Ever looked at moments from Cricket with a satirical outlook and wondered where you could read about it? Maybe noticed something and thought it was only you that had noticed it?

Well, Howzat For A Laugh looks to bring the lighter side to cricket to the forefront and give fans of the sport a different dimension and have a laugh about what has happened on and off the field.

With podcasts, features and columns on offer, as well as some of the latest news stories involving the sport, there is plenty for readers to get involved with and spend many enjoyable hours laughing about things that have been noticed by our contributors.

Our ‘Observations from the Outfield’ is one such feature that allows contributors to share their opinions on one thing they have noted and look to take a satirical approach with it, keeping things light-hearted but still making a valid point.

Maybe you have an opinion on what the future of cricket looks like? Perhaps you have a funny take on the ECB’s newest initiative regarding ‘The Hundred’ tournament – some of us like the idea, some of us old school lot, though, are not quite fond of it…

Of course, if you believe you can add something of value to the site or have a view that you can approach in a rather funny way, then why not apply to write for us? We are always looking to add new writers and help grow our site even further!

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!


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