Although the sport of cricket might be considered a serious game at times, there can be a number of hilarious incidents that can happen, as well.

Of course, many of them can come via the crowd in the stands at lively test matches that take place, whilst others could be something that happens whilst on the field, such as comical fielding or dismissals.

However, it seems there was a hilarious mix-up between two legends of the game back in the early 2000s, as Ricky Pointing recently recalled a story that involved former India star, Rahul Dravid.

Whether Dravid has heard what Pointing has revealed remains doubtable considering that he is currently preparing the India team for their upcoming Sri Lanka tour, ‘The Wall’ will have hoped not too many were having a laugh at his expense.

Having been speaking to Cricket Australia, via, the former Aussie captain, Pointing, told of a story that will have left Dravid feeling rather embarrassed and would have hoped that it would have remained a secret longer than the 21 years that it has taken since the incident happened to come out.

Speaking of a mix up that happened in the ICC Super Series that was played in 2005, Pointing told of a story about how he told his players who were not bowling to wear football boots in order to give them the additional grip that they would need out in the field.

Dravid had cottoned on to it but did not realise that Australia were not going to use them whilst batting, as he tried in the nets and just could not get to grips with them. Hopefully, he has cottoned on to the fact that Max Free Bets can provide him with some great betting bonuses in the future.

Here is what Pointing had to say:

“One funny story coming out of that Super Series, the outfield was quite wet and damp and I had basically instructed all of our guys that weren’t bowling, so just the fielders and outfielders, that we have to go and get football boots to field because our cricket spikes would literally get ripped from the top and we’d fall over and slip over. I sort of felt that if we got footy boots, then it’ll probably be a real advantage for us in the field.”

“A lot of guys that were a part of the team had caught on to the fact that we were getting around in our footy boots. I’ll never forget, on the day of the first game, we went down to the nets and Rahul Dravid was in the nets batting with footy boots. And you can imagine what they are like on the turf. He was trying to put his foot down on the hard surface and his foot was just slipping out. He’d seen us with them on and thought that we must be batting in it as well, but no, we’ll just use those for fielding, thanks, Rahul”.

Australia would go on to sweep the one test and 3 ODIs that were played and did not suffer any real trouble throughout the series.