All hail St Andrew! No, not the one based in Scotland. On this weeks podcast we’re eulogising over the ex-England opener, Andrew Strauss. And his massive brain… Full of straw.

For unsurprisingly, Whitto isn’t too keen on Andy and the ECB’s new brainless idea on proposing ‘The Hundred,’ an even shorter version of Twenty Twenty cricket. Mustering all of his patience, our frustrated host carefully picks apart the thinking behind this ‘genius’ idea. Wondering, why, how and wtf, the first half of the podcast is all about the new format. Due to high quality investigative journalism, Whitto has even uncovered the recording of the actual ECB meeting which led to the announcement. Be prepared to be shocked!

There’s analogies your mother wouldn’t approve of, an ode to the thick people of Essex* and a ‘sensible’ summary of this week’s county results.

All this on YOUR cricket podcast!

*For complaints on how Essex is portrayed please write to @a_whitington13.