Dreams really do come true. That’s the message from a wondrous week in our crazy sport. For Alastair Cook, England legend, bowed out in the most appropriate of ways. A glorious, gritty and gargantuan 147. Not only was back to his best, but Jimmy Anderson became the greatest fast bowler of all time. Two mates. Forever legends. Finally a fairytale ending.

Not only are we weeping for Cookie, but also because England’s summer of cricket is over. What a scintillating test at The Oval to finish on. It had everything, a sumptuous feast of golden ducks, crunchy meringues and shelled peas. Therefore the fairytale ending to a princely summer! Consequently Whitto attempts a fitting and funny tribute to the past four months. Judge for yourself if he succeeds or not. We think he may…

What helps is a cacophony of Disney tunes. Like the regularity of Hollywood’s handshakes on ‘Bake Off’ there’s far too many. Hence if you find yourself whistling while you work next week, you’ll have us to thank. Above all we thank Cookie. And Jimmy. The latter of whom will be pining for his mate over the long, lonely winter nights. Just as Dan Stevens’ beast does in Disney’s adaptation.

Wait for it… Surely no podcast would ever attempt a sing-a-long?

We aren’t just any podcast though are we?!

This is your funny cricket show and Whitto knows how to deliver!

Certainly like a postman on crack, we shovel those parcels away. Plus there’s the infamous ‘Golden Bail Awards.’ The Golden Globes of funny cricket podcasts. Who’ll win the award for ‘Most Likely To Save His Side At 86-6?’ Seriously this show has it all…

So what are you waiting for? There’s 13 minutes of random, satirical, insane, wacky and mildly factual moments right below. Have a listen and enjoy.

Dreams really do come true.