Shattering the illusion that we are a respectable cricket podcast, Whitto reveals the place he records the show. Clue: it’s not in a hygienic area. Nor one inhabited by many other people. But what is certain, is that no matter the ‘studio’ this pod is yet again brimful of crazy. For tonight there’s a royal occasion. The end of county cricket 2018.

Yes as we record, the final rites of the season are occuring. And what a tremendous, wondrous, sensational season it has truly been. From sides being bowled out for 50, to the emergence of ‘The 100.’ Whilst we say goodbye to many a legend of the game. Hence this podcast is one helluva sad show. Particularly as when England take on Sri Lanka, our radio commentary will be on TalkSport. Disgusting!

Persuading you to instead listen and promote our podcast, Whitto has a treat for you. One he wrote himself. A summary of 2018 in rap form. Yep, RAP. Consequently we take on a rather urban image. The next Eminem? He certainly eats enough of them.

Strangely this isn’t the highlight of our pod. We wrap up (see what I did there!) Division One cricket. You may not be aware but at the end of each campaign, the county chairmen, all gather and report at a conference. Location? Buckingham Palace! Thus a royal occasion. Hear each chairman present his findings to a musical accompaniment from his county.

Her majesty is suitably impressed.

We hope you are too.

Especially with some of the county accents, which are a ‘joy’ to hear. Or a curse, depending on whether you wish your ears to bleed. Whitto is undaunted however and plays his part with aplomb. Considering county cricket is over, we try to ensure you can laugh through the pain.

Goodbye county championship 2018, you’ve been a blast!