Why hello there, friends, enemies and strangers! Welcome to another dose of your cricket podcast. We just keep churning out the podcast, even if the demand is unwarranted. After all what else is your host Whitto expected to do on a Thursday? Those cheekbones aren’t going to work themselves. Of course this week the cricket on show has been electric. Enough for skeletons to cry, ‘Bring me to life!’ Consequently we oblige.

Benefitting from a daschund like sense of smell, Whitto gets a strong whiff of victory on this cricket podcast. For England triumph over India in dramatic fashion. Southampton was the stage. The ensemble featuring Kohli, Shami, Curran, Buttler and of course the main man, Moeen Ali. A play which had spectators on the edge of their seats. Above all it was a scintillating example of Ali’s spin brilliance. Therefore we pay homage to the play, by allowing our funny bones to be tickled. Relive that spellbinding final day on our cricket podcast.

Their first test series win in a year and an emergence of a new order. That of the all-rounders. Or as we believe; the supermen. Hear how ‘The Beard That’s Feared’ and ‘Currant Bun Man’ led the way. But wait. Can you hear that whisper in the air? The cry of a far off Bell? We fast forward to 2050 and alight at a rather unusual press conference. Yes, we know. You wouldn’t get this kind of analysis on any other podcast. Drink in the funny on our cricket podcast!

There’s a brief word on Alastair Cook who’ll be leaving us after The Oval. Fear not though because Whitto will do a special podcast all on the Head Chef. He deserves it. Finally hear what went down in the county championship. A jaw dropping end to Somerset versus Lancashire. Told in our own hilarious way…

Or so we reckon.

Why not find out for yourself?