In these troubling economic times, only two teams can be selected by Lord Sugar. Promoted, through exceptional business plans, ten counties face their toughest challenge yet… THE CRICKET APPRENTICE!

Welcome to The Cricket Apprentice 2018 and the most fearsome, unruly boardroom of all time. Lord Sugar sits, flanked by his two cronies, Claude and Karen. Prepared to give you a beamer of a delivery. As a result Sugar doesn’t tolerate fools, only those who will make him wonga. Full of snide comments and awful jokes (nothing new there!), upwards of £250,000 is on the table. Lord Sugar interrogates each county, revealing many answers. Which of our Division Two sides will make it into the promised land? Iis anyone trapped LBW? Above all, how many dropped catches will Lord Sugar allow? Have a listen to find out…

Through exceptional artistry and brilliant impressions, Whitto brings you another satirical cricket podcast. Because we don’t need no professional impressionists to reach the dizzy heights of the top 300 of iTunes cricket podcasts. In contrast just a man and his mic. Last week Division One was summed up by a trip to Buckingham Palace. Less glamorous, more East End of London, this week we are in a dark boardroom. What other podcast can offer you that?

Plus we still have time to analyse India’s news batting sensation. Prithvi Shaw. Whitto offers up a glowing tribute in the only way he knows how; an epic poem. In contrast there’s a few choice words about a certain dancing PM.

What you waiting for? Grab that remote, turn up your speakers and delve into The Cricket Apprentice. Maybe, just maybe you may find it funny. Otherwise Whitto… will be fired!

Nobody wants that do they? Guys? It was certainly not a rhetorical question!