A podcast dedicated to England’s legendary Head Chef! Yes in an unprecedented show we chat everything Alastair Cook. Nothing else. Hence it’s all about Cook. Whitto pays homage to England’s greatest ever batsman. Certainly one of the genuine greats. Consequently the professional MasterChef.

What better way to honour Cook, than by creating the ultimate episode of MasterChef? Therefore this is one of those shows which just oozes class. (That may be an inaccuracy btw!) Whitto serves up a four course meal. Each course focusing on a different quality of Chef. There’s the ‘Record Breaker’ starter, ‘Run Scoring’ main, ‘Captain Cook’ dessert and some gorgeous ‘Cook The Man’ sweets.

Of course along the way we run into trouble. Geoff Boycott has a word or two about Cook’s replacement. Then we come to the judges. Greg Wallace and John Torode. They are certainly in fine form in today’s show and we thank them for giving up their time. Particularly eyebrow rising is Greg’s rap. Haven’t heard it? Oh, you are in for a treat! The banter between them is… well masterful.

Who’s that sulking in the corner? Why KP of course! He begrudgingly offers up his praise to the captain who was involved in his exclusion. As too does Cookie’s best mate, Jimmy Anderson. It’ll be tricky for Jim come the winter tour. As too for Whitto who really struggles getting his words out as the podcast goes on. Especially after he shares a bottle or two of peach schnapps with Alastair. Join in as we drunkenly belt out Alastair Cook’s song. Or at least, a song which we created…

Seriously you’ll have no tears left after these 18 minutes. Either through laughter or sadness we don’t mind.

Can Whitto rise to the occasion and offer the ultimate homage to Cook?

Tuck in and find out!