Did you miss us? Actually maybe don’t answer that… For those of you at a loss after a weeks absence, do not fear. For Whitto is here! Ready to serve another cricket funny on a bed of genitalia shaped vegetables. Peel that carrot and nibble on the knowledge that you are listening to the Time Lord.

Ever wondered how all your digital clocks magically go back an hour? With the sunlight fading fast we reveal who is to blame for the time changes. Somebody who calls themselves The Time Lord. And no, for all you Doctor Who fans out there, this has literally nothing to do with sonic screwdrivers. Although you may want to zap your headphones after hearing this podcast. Not only is Whitto the saviour of time, he also reads out an award winning poem entitled, ‘Time.’

Penned at the age of 9, this has all the hallmarks we now associate with our podcast host. Deep. Satirical. Long winded. Albeit pushed into second place by a stupid poem about a stupid cello. This podcast acts as a safe space for Whitto to reveal his (still) bitter feelings about that injustice.

Finally there is a teeny bit of cricket over in Sri Lanka. In between all the rain that is. With the First Test beginning on Tuesday we analyse England’s side and ponder who’ll be selected. Seems like many have expressed wonder at Joe Denly. A guy returning to the fold after eight years absence. Consequently we let David Attenborough describe his resurgence…

Also find out who receives unwanted sympathy, what song was Xmas number 1 in 2011 and how Johnny English exploited his mind to control the body.

Just your standard satirical podcast.

In fact, possibly the funniest cricket podcast out there.

Shaking your head?