We all love cricket don’t we? Absolutely adore it. Like we’ve been shot by Cupid’s Arrow. At least that’s what it feels like on a day when test cricket has been mesmerising. Sam Curran bursts onto the international scene, Stokes requires fire fighters to put him out and Virat Kohli scores an immense century.

None of that features in today’s pod. Sadly Whitto found it impossible to keep up with events whilst writing recording and editing the show. Do not panic though as this episode is an absolute BELTER.

We start by eyeing up the tasty offerings on display, tied to the railings of a flat opposite HFAL HQ. Woah there. Nothing naughty. How dare you accuse us of that. Absolute smut. Find out what has caught Whitto’s eye as he describes events on the premier day of the Edgbaston test. In the days leading up to the first test, Adil Rashid’s name was on everyone’s lips. Including ours. But especially on the cantankerous lips of Boycs and Vaughan. Thanks to some rather loud moaning, Whitto managed to overhear the two Yorkshireman’s pub discussion on the issue. And aren’t they just a tad moany.

Pretty sure we should offer our services to the FBI, for the recorded conversation is full of intrigue. Also woeful Yorkshire accents. Attempting to join the Pythons, Whitto recreates an iconic sketch.

History is made this week with England’s 1000th test match. In the second half of your pod, Whitto counts down his greatest 5 test matches. From Laker’s sailing in 1956, to Broad’s battering in 2015, this is a wonderful trip down memory lane. Although your host may only have been alive for about 50 matches, he’s a bit of a nerd. Hence tests from the past get all the glory they deserve!

Past, present and future. All swoop into your ears on this weeks pod! If you hadn’t been shot by Cupid’s Arrow before, you’ll be impaled after these 15 minutes.

We promise this is worth a listen…