Order, order! Golly the podcast this week is unrulier than those children who run the country. Hence we’re needed to step in and wave our gavel around. And no that’s not an innuendo, as the cricketing world has been rocked by drama over the past few days. We have witnessed an act of unspeakable cruelty, the most deceitful cheating ever seen in this sport. If anything else trumps it this year, I’ll buy all the listeners a pint of something sweet. You have my word. Welcome to Whitto’s courtroom in Law & Disorder.

Straight out of an American drama, you’ll hear the transcript of what took place when Kagiso Rabada was put on trial for a heinous offence. It all occurred in the bad tempered series that is South Africa hosting Australia, when the paceman performed an act of unspeakable barbaity. Such is the nature we are not permitted to write in words what occurred. So you may as well listen to the podcast then! Not only will you suffer a revelation, it’s also possible your ears may bleed with some of the most excruciating accents ever heard.

Despite this, everything you hear is 100%… a lie! Become embroiled in our fantasy cricket landscape and enjoy the ride. In addition to South Africa, Whitto rounds up England’s scintillating ODI series Down Under and reveals his own worrying addiction. Fasten your doors with an iron bar dear listener…

We are also incredibly close to the return of ‘proper’ cricket, something all of us at HFAL HQ are simply ecstatic about. Unlike much of what has been written here that is not sarcasm. The county cricket season is on the horizon and join us in looking ahead at the winners and losers in 2018.

All this and more crazy cricket calamities on YOUR cricket podcast!