Top of the morning/ afternoon/ evening to you! And what a tip top, Irish dancing, leprechaun chasing, guinness drinking time of day it is too. Aw bless you, I wasn’t referring to the publication of this week’s podcast, but thank you for thinking it. No, cause there’s some luck of the Irish about with them donning, for the first time, cricket whites.

Yikes that’s right, we take a look in closer detail at Ireland’s premier test match against the travelling Pakistan team. After twelve years, aging batsmen like the O’Brien bro’s and Ed Joyce finally have the honour of representing the Emerald Isle at test level. Who knows, kids growing up may now prefer to play for Ireland rather than England… Actually that’s a given, if James Vice keeps getting selected.

With all the delicacy of a dog cocking its leg against a tree, we carry on this casual stereotyping and explore Ireland’s story. We also find Bieber’s biggest Belieber, hear Hendrix slay a guitar solo and try to grasp what the f**k Jimmy’s done to his hair.

For once we had a gorgeous week of cricket, from comebacks to cock up’s and high scores to highlights, there’s a little something for everyone. Unless of course you’re Andrew Strauss, who we may mention again. Only once though, we promise. Oh and find out what Winston Churchill thought of our glorious sport. Ohh yes, we aren’t joking (needs to be said in the dog voice)!

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