Like an unwanted piece of gum stuck to the sole of your shoe, the only podcast giving a full toss about cricket is still around! Two weeks without a show has made Whitto a tad tetchy. And snacking on Pick ‘n’ Mix. Not that you can tell. Instead hear what our intrepid expert has been up to. Lounging in the sun? Offered a contract with Sky? Added to the ECB selectors panel? He wishes!

Find out what has held up your (c)hunky host. After a brief explanation though, we get down and dirty with the cricketing stories that have taken place. From two day county calamities, to tantalisingly tight T20’s, Whitto ensures you catch up quickly. Furthermore he exposes something dark which has been simmering away.

The 100. It is still there; squatting like an unwanted toad in your nan’s garden. In fact, rather excitingly we can once again reveal recorded evidence of a meeting of the ‘Task Group’ run by Claire Connor. Let’s just say there were dodgy substances found in the room. How dodgy? Listen and find out exactly how the ECB brainstorm their ideas. Clue: something chewy is heavily involved…

Of course we merely offer up our investigative journalism; others may say something different. Which is bullshit. The findings will dry up that soggy bottom. Almost as much as Ed Smith’s decision to include Adil Rashid in England’s squad for the first test against India next week. Thankfully we caught the sordid news, before going into the recording studio (under Whitto’s duvet). Clearly we have an opinion on Rashid. At least this one is shared by the majority of cricket followers; WTF?

County cricket is pointless now. Dom Bess can feel much aggrieved. Along with Rashid we explore England’s options for the Edgbaston test and muse on where India will crack like a poppadom. Think that’s enough suspect racism for now.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some headphones and get listening!

‘A mere 14 minutes of your life you won’t get back.’ Solid review that.