‘For dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.’ These words, written in the Book of Genesis strike a chord even today. For England have been swept up in an Australian dust cloud and buried ten feet under. Consequently they return from Down Under beaten men. Heads fixed firmly on the earth, tears coursing down their unshaven cheeks. A 4-0 Ashes burial is no laughing matter. As such Whitto presents a sombre podcast, full of sorrow, intoning Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, in his most reverend voice.

Only joking! How better to cope with the abysmal showing than by taking the piss out of every single England player. From Stoneman’s stoney technique to Vince being churned into mincemeat, we poke fun at everyone! With it being award season in the movie world, Whitto hosts the inaugural ‘Golden Bail Awards.’ Channelling Gervais and Fry he presents in a hilarious manner and predictably the awards themselves do not disappoint. This podcast is the only thing that ensures Joe Root’s men do not return home from Oz empty handed!

We’ve tears and laughter aplenty on this show. Because The Ashes are over, we review the ‘contest’ of the past two months and offer ‘helpful’ suggestions on where Bayliss can improve. It’s simple really; bat with conviction and bowl in the right channels! As for the Aussies… well we grudgingly accept that in Steve Smith they have a phenomenal batsman. Plus the three pronged bowling attack ain’t bad either.

In conclusion another embarrassing Ashes defeat in Australia. Thank christ that’s over! We can now turn our attention to the more important ODI series. (He says tongue in cheek!) Hence there’s still tonnes more to come from this cricket podcast over the next year