There’s panic on the streets of Britain this week, as the nation grinds to a halt. Nope, it’s not because everyone is listening to this satirical cricket podcast (more’s the pity), but because of snow. Snow has fallen, all around us. Children playing, having fun. BUT IT’S NOT THE SEASON SHAKIN’ STEVENS! Who the flip wants these treacherous icy conditions at the start of March? The only upside we can see is that it provides a perfect excuse to warm yourself by the fire and turn on some hilarious cricketing chat.

We attempt to whisk you off to warmer climes. Although Whitto may throw in the odd snow (ball) joke or ten. In fact there’s a prize for anyone who can keep a record of just how many jokes he manages in 13 minutes of presenting. Snow joke that is! You get the picture… we carry on in much the same vein.

It may feel daft listening to a podcast about cricket whilst a blizzard blows outside. But not half as weird as writing, recording and editing one – so count yourselves lucky. Despite the frosty conditions you can always count on one man to go topless. Whitto goes in search of a fat bloke with his top off and also interviews a failing maths student. Believe it or not there are a few games of cricket occuring around the globe. We check in on South Africa versus Australia, where tempers are awfully frayed…

Front pages have lambasted us the ‘Beast From The East!’ But really we’re the ‘Wanks From Manc!’ All here to keep you warm with wit and laughter aplenty. Now roast yourself by the fire as we roast the hell out of another frosty week in cricket!