Roll up, roll up for your new cricket podcast, entirely free! Unlike the cash splashed in the IPL this week. You’ll have dollar signs in your eyes after listening to this weeks show as we take a look at the big spenders. Archer, Buttler, Roy, Stokes… all have pockets bulging with wonga. They’ll be able to live off the interest gained for life. Unlike your podcast host Whitto who’s spent the day rummaging around for anything valuable to take on Cash In The Attic.

Aside from his father’s collection of Ipswich Town programs and a few moth eaten U2 records, the search has been fruitless. Unless Dickinson will accept a horny teenager’s rude poem, written back in 2016. Entitled ‘Sausage Roll vs Glory Hole,’ it goes something like this…

‘The clock on the wall is ticking. My clammy fingers are clicking. Leg’s trapped under a weight. It’s my girlfriend, her pregnancy’s late.’ And so on and so forth. Naturally I’m waiting for a reply from Faber & Faber before I publish the rest. Rowling was rejected seven times after all.

Anyway back to the podcast! We chat to a man with no mates, learn how to defend oneself against the banana and fight a troll in the dungeon. All for the good cause of making you giggle at the crazy cricket world in which we live.

(Come to think of it, maybe we should start charging money for this kind of quality…)