We ask the big questions on this weeks cricket podcast. Queries like, who runs the world? To which I hope you all answer… GIRLS! And not Donald Trump. Unlike the misogynistic orange ape-man, we believe sport should be all about equality and because of this we dedicate a large portion of the pod to one woman in particular. Anya Shrubsole. Naturally the rest is a plethora of sexist chat and racy innuendos. But hey, we’re all blokes here so it’s only natural! Just like a bald astronaut… hence why we fly Stan to the moon.

Chomping at the bit to get going, like Ben Duckett before a night out, Whitto is here to parade the cricket funny. And like Duckett he’ll cause you to end up drenched in liquid. Precisely what kind we’ll let you decide.

We talk about women’s cricket for a third of the show. Quite possibly the longest air coverage given to a sport which is becoming increasingly popular. Especially as Anya Shrubsole adorns the front cover of 2018’s Wisden. Backed up by the queens of pop, we ‘Hold Up’ Shrubsole’s career so ‘You’ll See’ how she is ‘Irreplaceable’. A ‘Ray Of Light’ for women’s cricket, Anya believes in the mantra of ‘Express Yourself’ and her bowling makes you fall ‘Crazy In Love’ with cricket.

All you girls will be crying, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ to me. I know how ‘Into The Groove’ she is!’ But for all you folks who are ‘Like A Virgin; when it comes to ladies cricket, get yourself down this summer and fall ‘Drunk In Love’ with the sport. Shrubsole can ‘Live To Tell’ her story as she won the World Cup for England in 2017. Thus she frames Wisden with a ‘Halo’ on her head and ‘Like A Prayer’ she’ll take England even further.

Boom! Reckon that’s enough Madonna and Beyonce songs to last a lifetime…

Girls + Cricket + Pop Music + Stan Collymore + Aliens = YOUR CRICKET PODCAST!