Here to tug on your heartstrings is another episode of the funny cricket podcast! (The only tugging we’ll do today…) This week we focus on a cricketer in need. Or to be more precise several cricketer’s in need, amongst them a Buttler, two Aussie’s and three leaders. Goodness me, that sounds like the start of a Crickmas Carol – now why didn’t I think of this before…

‘On the first day of Crickmas my true love gave to me, Jos Buttler out to mankading.’ Just as the rhythm isn’t quite in time, so too was Jos Buttler’s bat not quite in time with his crease. We relive another moment of March Madness as the Rajasthan Royal star was cleverly mankadded by Ravi Ashwin. As he often does, Whitto gives his opinion – not the popular opinion it must be said, but most definitely the right one! In addition hear the well known tale of how the term ‘mankad‘ was born. You see we offer history lessons on this podcast too!

But Buttler isn’t just a cricketer in need. Along with the rest of the cricketing community he’s gazing on with horror at other events which have unfolded this week. Notably the clean breeze of redemption sweeping over Australia. Far from a changing of wind, Steve Smith and David Warner have been blown back into the Aussie team. But there’s a difference! Our charity appeal on behalf of Warner seems to be raising the money required to rid David of his debilitating disease. Cue emotional bed over a heartfelt plea from a cricketer in need.

Before you dry your eyes though, Durham’s new club captain has a speech to make. Like Winston in his prime, Cameron Bancroft delivers rousing words in his new county’s darkest hour. He will never surrender… unless told to stick sandpaper down his pants!

A cricketer in need is a cricketer indeed.

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