Always wanted to know how a funny cricket podcast is made? Well you’re in luck as this week we go behind the scenes in an exclusive episode. Alright so it may have something to do with our Producer getting so fed up with Whitto babbling on about Keaton Jennings, that he takes over. That’s right. Whitto’s mic is turned down for a whole three minutes. Hallelujah you may cry! Or perhaps not when you hear what occurs…

Let’s be honest here. The past week has drawn a blank in the cricket world. A page of nothingness for us to deal with. An empty canvas. We’ve finished discussing England against the West Indies and with the ODI series only taking place now, that river has run dry. Drier than the urine of a desert walker. Mortals would have a week off; skip the podcast until next Thursday. But. Not. Whitto.

Throwing a paint pot over the canvas, we make a collage of colour. Particularly with it being the Oscars on Sunday eve. Fancy an interesting way of dissecting the cricket week? How about an Oscar sketch, involving Blowers and three cricket stories turned into films?! Oh yes! We present the CricOscars 2019, where ‘Best Picture (for the week 14-21 February) 2019 is between…

‘Braveheart’ – Scotland thumping Oman by 10 wickets
‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – Chris Gayle playing for Windies
‘Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid’ – Sri Lanka’s staggering win over South Africa.

Those are the nominations! Now have a listen and see which event emerges victorious.

It’s definitely not the reputation of this podcast