Stuck inside on this Valentine’s Day Eve, staring moodily at the wall? Fed up of social media lighting up with couples displaying way too much PDA? Of course you are! But you know what? They can keep their wet kisses and fumbles in the dark, for you have something much better. OUR. FUNNY. CRICKET. PODCAST. The only way to pleasure yourself tonight… Lie back in rapture as you hear our Blind Date!

Where is the love tonight? With Whitto of course, as he preaches romance on this saucy show. Not only do we hear what the neighbour’s of HFAL HQ got up to last night, but there’s a brief promo of Trevor Bayliss’ porno! Yes you read that right; a porno, directed by our Trev. What else do you think he’s been doing against the West Indies? It lasts as long as the career of Keaton Jennings, for we reveal the exclusive break up text which Rooty sent to Keats. It may not have come as a surprise but the timing? On today of all days?!

Whitto loves Root just the way he is, for in a shock which literally nobody predicted, we decide the latest way to pick England’s opening partner. Burns may be a given for The Ashes but who should be the oxygen to his flame? Well… fans of Cilla Black you’re in luck! Because this funny cricket podcast has brought back Blind Date! Joe Root must pick one of our three lucky bachelors to partner Rory Burns. It really is a Valentine’s Day show to remember.

Or forget…

Sent with love from us to you.

(Even if that love is unrequited!)