Order, order! Your funny cricket podcast has the floor. In these troubled times, what better way to end the week than laughing along to our satirical show? Politics is dominating the headlines and it’s no different on the pod. Although instead of the brutal reality we create a gorgeous utopia inside the house of common nonsense. Whitto is your PM and he’s got a few motions on the table.

Firstly we propose a serious consideration of how the MET office name storms. With winds of 75mph, Gareth isn’t a suitable name for the gales this week. It should be harsher, more threatening; something like Gregor. Secondly, time must be taken to analyse England’s 2018/19 winter tour. From smashing Sri Lanka to being woeful in the Windies, Joe Root’s band of brothers return to Britain with tails somewhere between their legs and anus. In our House of Common Nonsense we go crazy, finding the shadows in their hall of mirrors.

Find out who is good, bad and ugly. Which Caribbean star doesn’t need a lucky egg. Why U2 still haven’t found what they’re looking for. The dangers of being on top of the world. And who is transforming into Darth Vader. We are your funny cricket father!

Finally Whitto takes a peek inside the heinous halls of Parliament. This week votes have been taken which could decide the future of Britain but none are so monumental as the one we discover. Will the ‘ayes’ have it? You’ll have to listen to find out…

Escape from the storm by listening to our funny cricket podcast, full of lightning wit and thunderous analogies.

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