‘Hmm, the force is strong with this funny cricket podcast. Listen to it you should. Understand it you will not. Laugh along you may. Brave predictions young Whitto makes for the Specsavers County Championship 2019 will begin on the morn…’ and how better to prepare than by listening to our predictions of what’s to come this summer. Who cares that the teeny green master believes the future is ‘impossible to see, the future is?’

Fortune favours the brave and your podcast host is certainly a brave soul. Tackling the complexities of new signings and old stars whilst maintaining a satirical edge. Whitto offers his clairvoyant claims as to how Division One will finish in September. With the help of a few musical chums, you’ll want to rush down the bookies after listening!

Normally predictions are a dull affair. Where’s the fun in ponderously going through each side? It sounds too nerdy. That’s where your funny cricket podcast differs as we analyse through the medium of quirky facts and recognisable songs. Each county receives a backing track from a notable band or artist who formed on their lands (or if that couldn’t be found a tenuous link!) Reckon you can spot them?

Fans of Division Two sides fear not – next week we shall succumb your county to our silly predictions. But tonight we take our first Steps towards the new season. As they say.. ‘It’s time to begin, now count it in… 5 6 7 8! My cricketing baby is driving me crazy, my obsession with the sport, my daily date. My perfect Pope, a saviour god who gives you hope. Wanna make you mine, now bowl in line 5 6 7 8!’ 

Patience you must have my young padawan!