Tell us, how does it feel to be a suffering England fan? An appalling display at Antigua means West Indies claim the series with a test to spare. Hideous, absolutely hideous. Yet we must confess England’s losing is our podcast gain. Thousands wait with bated breath to see how Whitto innovatively thinks up new ways to describe England’s failings. Release that breath for your funny cricket podcast is here…

In a shocking decision we begin, not with England’s 10 wicket loss, but over in the land of koala’s and kanga’s, Australia. A sly peek in the Aussie camp. Because we need something to laugh about and over the past year Paine’s men have provided exactly that. In an appalling twist of fate though it appears Australia are on the up!

Ah bollocks.

Never mind we can still find solace in Smith and Warner still being banned. What? Tim Paine is so eager for them to return next month, he’s been wetting the bed in his sleep?! We know this because Whitto managed to blag his way into Paine’s press conference after they spectacularly thrashed Sri Lanka… We ask the question and provide the answers.

Full disclosure. We mention England a tad. And what better way to analyse than a brand new SATIRICAL SONG! You don’t see this on TMS/ talkSport/ Sky Sports do ya? (Ed – didn’t you steal this idea from BBC’s Cricket Social?) Ahem. We may have. A bit. Whilst they altered the lyrics to ‘American Pie’ Whitto amends a modern classic, which features the line, ‘trouble in America.’ Hence the title link… Absolutely fuck all to do with Trump.

Prepare to shoe stomp, head bang and belt loud at the top of your voice. After all, there’s no other funny cricket podcast like ours! Or just stick fingers in ears and never listen to us again.

Your choice…