Sizzle, crackle and pop. Nope, it’s not your favourite breakfast cereal advert but the soundtrack to the past week of British weather. BBQ’s emerge, shiny and resplendent, only to be covered in grease each day of the week. Every fat person’s skin turns pinker than Bancroft’s genitalia, whilst pop has been the sound of champagne corks. It feels like the Carribean! A heatwave plus cricket equals heaven. Unless of course you’re a Lancastrian in which case it’s all gone in 60 minutes.

Down at Emirates Old Trafford on Monday morning, members were in for a ‘treat.’ 60 minutes of cricket, in the first home fixture of the campaign. Resuming 58-2 it took precisely 22 minutes for Harry Gurney and Jake Ball to blitz through Lancashire’s batting. Not a single score in double figures. Guess who had taken time off to revel in the heatwave sun? Your podcast host Whitto!

Grumbles soon turned into ironic cheers as, even in chasing 10 for victory, Nottinghamshire lost four wickets! We sense 2018 could be a bowling season, especially as in the first round of matches there was only one score above 300. A fine time for the likes of Porter, Coad and Ball to stake an England spot; music to their ears. Talking about music, Whitto is keen to prove his Katy Perry knowledge, as he has found her biggest fan.

The person is a ‘Dark Horse’ for he is often accused of blowing ‘Hot N Cold.’ Sometimes there’s a ‘Firework’ lit, particularly ‘Last Friday Night’ as he partied with ‘California Gurls.’ ‘Part Of Me’ wants to meet him, the other lies ‘Wide Awake’ fretting over meeting a hero. ‘Hey Hey Hey,’ you’ll ‘Unconditionally’ recognise his voice, whilst he looks a bit like ‘ET.’ You’ll ‘Roar’ with laughter when you hear who Perry’s biggest fan is…

Listen in and find out!