It’s just not cricket. Well if it isn’t, just what exactly is this week’s podcast all about? Well here’s a few clues… it’s not rugby; nor football; it’s not water polo; it’s not… (Ed – I’m sensing this may go on for a while. Kindly request you cut the crap.) Without wishing to offend the almighty editor, this podcast is about politics. Now before you open those hippo mouths in a widened yawn, let me clarify. The politics we’re talking about doesn’t involve percentages like 58 and 42, in fact it doesn’t even involve a government. This week we look at the political storm which is South Africa versus Australia.

Because my goodness me. Have you seen the awful behaviour by players who shall remain nameless? Players like Quentin de Kock and Dave Warner. Bollocks. Should cross them out. That will cover my ass from the lawyers. Anyway, two small brained cricketers were involved in several altercation’s during the second test between South Africa and Australia. Not only was there on field sledging, it also festered in the dressing room corridor. Whilst the Aussies have always become embroiled in pointless spats, this fight was worsened when de Kock flopped up and got involved.

Erect with anger, Quentin ejacualated profusely. For Davie Warner hit de Kock where it hurt… to find out exactly where, have a listen to the show! Whitto is investigative journalism’s finest, as he extrapolates from his research. One thing is for certain. Their behaviour? It’s just not cricket.

Furthermore we present a diehard Abba fan, reveal one drugged up postman and unearth the farmyard animal who makes Babe exciting. Don’t say the title didn’t warn you eh?

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