Huzza the curse has finally lifted, England have beaten Australia! Who cares that it was in the meaningless ODI series? Everyone knows that test match cricket is dead. Kapoot, crushed under the weight of its shorter format counterpart. As such it’s no surprise Bayliss allowed Smith to run riot during the red ball fixtures, for he was saving his side for ‘proper’ white ball cricket. Or so he’d have us believe. Whitto isn’t so sure and offers some much needed lessons learned in this week’s podcast episode.

Nobody remembers The Ashes anyway.  At least not when you have the blistering Jason Roy at the crease, who annihilated the Aussies. With an England best 190, Roy was high on giddy excitement. Opening the batting with Jonny B, England may have just found a world class partnership which could see them as favourites for next years World Cup. Funnily enough Roy was actually dropped after his disastrous performances during 2017’s Champions Trophy. Thus he went away, trained, practiced and perfected his art. Now he’s a completely different kettle of fish. Perhaps Root should bear this in mind when considering the futures of Stoneman, Vince and Ali. All of whom were cod awful this winter.

After all what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Time away from the game means you’ll be more likely to carpe diem in your next innings. (Come on, tell me someone spotted the ‘cod’ and ‘carp’ jokes?) Whitto suspects something fishy may be going on with Vincey. You know us – we love a bit of gossip

Elsewhere there’s a returning sheep farmer, some Duran Duran wannabe’s and a naughty read of Fifty Shades Darker. What are you waiting for? Slink off into a dark corner, insert headphones, close your eyes and let your wrist us do the talking…