Forget Robbie, Stormzy and Whitehall. Whitto is your host and he wants YOU to pick the greatest cricket song ever! A very special interactive podcast where (over on Twitter) you can select your favourite out of five absolute rippers. Who will emerge triumphant and have their name inscribed on the silver plated urn? Or, judging by the available funds, my mouldy box I used to wear. Welcome to the CrickBrit Awards 2018!

1) Soul Limbo – Booker T & The MG’s

This iconic piece by the southern Memphis group, is synonymous with cricket. Used as the intro to TMS since the 1970’s, the jaunty, upbeat instrumental screams Aggers, Blowers, Boycott and Mann. Inducted into the 1992 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, no cricket fan cares that Booker T & The MG’s worked with Otis Reading or Bill Withers. They only care about Soul Limbo.

2) Andy’s Army – Tuffers & The Wooden Urns

Anything following on from Soul Limbo is doomed. But how about this tasty piece, released prior to the 2009 Ashes? It features (wait for it) PHIL TUFNELL RAPPING! We kid you not. The podcast has to be listened to, purely for Tuffers rhyming, ‘put Marmite on your sarnie, the other stuff is wrong. We are Andy’s Army and this is our Ashes song!’ Does cricket’s answer to ‘Vindaloo’ get you vote?

3) Our Donald Bradman – Len Maurice

Who is it that all Australia speaks about? Why Sir Don Bradman of course. At least that is according to this little ditty from the 1930’s. Reminiscent of days when millions of spectators packed into the MCG to watch the Don, this piece has a nostalgic quality to it.

4) Dreadlock Holiday – 10CC

We love this tuuune from 10CC! A cricket song which actually made it to number one… Mind you it has nothing to do with our beautiful sport. Instead it’s a racially inspired number about a white tourist attempting to fight off some rastafarian pick pockets. Oh dear. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

5) Hey, Hey Ricky! – Barmy Army

How can you not love a song which includes the line, ‘you’ll try to get a century but we know how you bat, so go back Down Under or we’ll bring out Gary Pratt.’ Sticking it to the Aussies in awful song form is what the Ashes is all about! Ricky Ponting suffered a terrible 2009 Ashes and all because of this delightful tune.

Podcasters of the world here are the nominations for the CrickBrit Awards 2018. Now have a listen to the pod and get over to Twitter and vote, vote, vote.

Your cricket podcast needs you!