All aboard the good ship ‘Howzat’ as we take a tumultuous voyage through the cricketing week. Unlike the Titanic though we have never been referred to as, ‘the unsinkable podcast.’ Instead we’re only just surviving, relying on a diet of Aussie based humour and the bones of a once satirical genius brain. Yet LIKE the titanic the captain will always go down with his ship. And after today’s episode that may be sooner than we think. Now strike that Bucks Fizz against the stern and let’s get this unsinkable ship away!

Our first port of call is the colony of Australia who welcome the number one side in world cricket. Currently the Aussies are 190-7 at the end of the second days play; clinging onto the life raft thanks to Travis Head’s 61*. What. A. shame. Failing to set up structure on home soil is a devilishly tricky thing when you work with the wobbly bricks of Aaron Finch and Shaun Marsh.Therefore in his usual spirit, Whitto offers sincere condolences as the house collapses.

With Christmas nigh on two weeks away, the England players are looking forward to their chestnuts roasting on an open fire. As a result, we take a look at some of the presents which may be waiting under their busy trees. From languishing on Santa’s naughty list back in February, Root and his elves are back in the good books. In other words, a remarkable recovery from the Titanic like depths of before. Always with one eye on his movie career, lie back and sob along as Whitto recreates their iceberg colliding 2018.

James Cameron better take note cause we even change the ending a tad…

You’ll be bobbing along with joy, especially as next week is a very special half century show. Featuring the best bits of the past year, it’ll get you in the festive spirit quicker than you can say… ‘All I want for Christmas is Howzat For A Laugh?! to be made number one in the iTunes chart.’

Are we unsinkable? Find out…