Eh, eh, eh? You can join Whitto under his umbrella of cricketing satire as we unfurl another hilarious podcast episode. Stretching out to block the incessant droplets of negativity towards cricket, we present some innovative ideas on how our sport can cope with the demands of climate change. All because of an investigation by The Independant into the adverse affects weather will have on British sport. Therefore shelter under my umbrella and have a listen.

Oh yes, whilst Trump may turn a blind eye to climate change, we at HFAL are less thick. Hence sport may suffer a detrimental effect. For example increased rainfall will lead to waterlogged football pitches, thus postponements, particularly at grassroots level. A season may stretch into a whole year; only TV executives will be pleased. Thank goodness though cricket can be played in all conditi- oh shit a brick! There’s barely enough summer time to squeeze in all the formats of county cricket, let alone further deluges of rain.

But we have an idea. A rather ingenious invention which could revolutionise our weather dependent sport. Want to hear what it is? Well listen to the podcast then, you aren’t getting it by reading this! Not only do we delve into #SoggySports (not an Alan Partridge voiceover show!), we meet a shark survivor and promote Mr Darcy as the new face of English cricket. With the English season still months away, we’re here to alleviate the boredom. Spread the word amongst your cricketing mate(s).

The podcast which proves climate change and yet disproves science at the same time. After all who needs scientists when you have Whitto’s intelligence at your disposal?

Everyone. We all need them.