Follow your heart’s desire over to the weekly pod giving a full toss about cricket! And reach… reach for that TV remote to turn off the footy for a bit and listen to a proper sport. A proper sport in which England are doing remarkably well. Especially as this week records were broken. Particularly the record of Whitto presenting a pod which had 85% positivity. Reach for the stars!

Over the past week there’s been some unbelievable results. While England men went and biffed the highest ODI score ever. Not wanting to be left out, the women went and tonked a record T20 international versus South Africa. Hence you did not want to be a bowler this week. As a result you’d be bowled over. Oh yes, expect plenty of classic jokes, just like that one.

Consequently, starting in chronological order (as any good OCDite will) Whitto attempts to keep a handle on his massive… excitement over Bairstow and Hales smacking centuries. They put the Aussies to sword on a day which will go down in legend. Forget Georgie and his dragon. This was Hales butchering evil kangaroos. What’s that I hear you cry? You wish somebody had written a poem about the 481? Cor blimey, you is in luck! W.H Auden will probably be turning in his grave.

From ODI’s to T20’s hear how anything the blokes can do, the ladies can do better. Because in blasting 250 England shattered South Africa. Tammy Beaumont struck her third century in as many matches. Sensational. What fools think ladies cricket is dull? Whitto meets them and has a few choice words to say.

Finally there’s a drunken quizmaster, horny Irishman and sweet loving Sri Lankan. In conclusion, we have it all!

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I know… we really are rather too kind! Probably.