As leaves begin to fall from the trees and fights break out across the land over the thermostat, it’s time to usher in a new season. THE PODCAST SEASON! Spurred on by a lack of human contact and the urgent need to dip his toes in the comedy pool, Whitto is here to present a brand new cricket comedy podcast…


In a potent cocktail, mixing flavours from TMS, Sky Cricket, Monty Python, Horrible Histories and er the Kama Sutra, this is not a podcast for the faint hearted. Taking a cursory glance through the current selection of cricket podcasts on iTunes you’ll notice a gaping hole in the market. None are humorous. No podcast out there blends statistics with satire. Whilst Knight, Hussain and Key valiantly attempt to cause a smile from the listeners, their podcast centres around analysis. As for Simon’s Mann and Hughes… well their pod is called ‘The Analyst: Inside Cricket’ for a reason!

Thus we here at HFAL HQ are fed up. We’re sick of Boycs banging on about the ‘corridor of uncertainty,’ Blowers being turned on by pigeons and Aggers talking about where he went for dinner last night. Time for a change. Therefore prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of a cricket podcast where nothing is off the table. In fact our table groans under the weight of innuendos, impersonations, songs, sketches and satire. We are your podcast made by fans, for the fans. A revolutionary concept in our cricketing world.

We begin with a simple episode, reviewing England’s summer of 2017. A year when South Africa came to town and I lost my virginity. One of which was a complete disaster. What to find out which? Well have a listen below to kickstart the steamiest love affair of your life. (Unless of course you’re 13 in which case please make sure you have written permission from a parent/ guardian.)

Ready? Let the slogging begin!