Can a fella be a podcaster all his life? Well Whitto is certainly reviewing the situation by battling the trials and tribulations to bring a rip roaring show to you! This week is an absolute rollercoaster of an episode, full of devilishly speedy jokes. They’ll have you laughing and feeling queasy at the same time.

First of all, we start off the way any genuine English conversation does. A chat about the weather. Naturally. Consequently you’ll overhear a whining rabble of voices who hated the hot weather and long for dark winter nights. Weirdos. Seems like though their wish was granted last week with the unrelenting rainfall at Lords. Linking these topics with the dexterity of a trapeze artist, Whitto brings you an analysis of the second test between England and India. You won’t hear this kind of reviewing the situation anywhere else. Certainly, we promise you.

From lauding Jimmy’s swinging abilities (Danielle better watch out), to the ineptitude of India’s batting, we have it all. Also much more. In fact Whitto rather goes off on a tangent with some music chatter. As a result he reveals his starring role in the school musical. No wait. His second starring role. The first was his gender switch as the Wicked Witch of the West. Yep. There’s photos.

After the ice cream filling interval, get to revealing the situation of who escaped jail this week. Ah, think you may know that already. Freedom comes to Ben Stokes. It’s not like anybody expects the Cricket Discipline Committee to appear is it? Gasp! You’ll never guess what happens next…

Hear what Cook gets up to after one too many sherries, who’s a crazy horse and finally a teeny bit of serious Stokes debate. After all we are the masters. Oh and ‘Bill & Ben’ somehow sneak in…

We really are the cricket podcast which has everything. So buckle up and prepare for a loop the loop extravaganza.

You’ll be screaming… with laughter!