‘How does one visual medieval England without reference to the gallery of vivid portraits in Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales?’ It is virtually impossible.’ Not our words, the words of History Net. Substitute ‘medieval England’ for ‘English cricket’ and you have the perfect review of this podcast episode! For this week it’s all about tall tales…

Stories such as the newly discovered, ‘The All Rounders Tale.’ Of how a once great cricketer was caught brawling on the streets of Bristol, arrested, placed on trial and banned from playing for his nation in the greatest series of them all. Downcoast. Bedraggled. Despondent. Hence the career of Ben Stokes appeared over. Until a realisation of where his home country of birth doth lay on the map. Aha New Zealand! An island next to… Australia. Whilst the ECB can ban him from playing in The Ashes, they can’t prevent him from visiting ‘family’ next door in the land of Mordor. We congratulate Ben on his discovery and reveal the moral of his unnerving travel story.

Elsewhere preparations are in earnest for the second test at Adelaide. A chance for Joe Root to galvanise his players. By allowing Ben Duckett to chuck booze over the head of James Anderson. Hmm, not the best of ideas we reckon. Although if it fires up Jimmy then maybe shampoo will be Foster smelling from now on.

Whatever happens one thing is for certain. We will be there every slippery step of the way. Ready to pounce on anything even remotely silly. For we are YOUR witty cricket podcast and you are OUR childish audience.

Particularly as you’ll learn many a lesson in morality from this week’s show.