Bet Disney didn’t think a lonely guy, recording a podcast under his duvet would attempt a pun on an already punned up titled. But yep. He did. Embaristocats… It’s all for a very good cause as in the pod this week Whitto likens Jos to another scheming butler, plays some catastrophic music choices and coughs up a furball.

With the England test squad announced, we naturally rip apart Ed Smith’s choices and compare them to our own ‘sensible’ selections. Stoneman keeping his place, boulders over our flint faced host who’d call the coppers if he could. How can a guy with a top score of 27 in seven innings not be dropped, but one with 201* to his name be given the boot? We’re a bit baffled. You’ll be too after you hear some of the metaphors on show this week.

There was a call up for young Dom Bess, who was arguing over an IKEA sofa when Smith rang. I kid you not, drawing on his amateur dramatics past (where he played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz), Whitto acts out the argument Dom and his missus were having. It didn’t help he had a sore throat. Nor that he can’t do a west country accent. Tell you what though, it’s worth a listen! If a bit Somersetist.

We reveal Prince Harry’s addiction, discuss who’s been praying to Madonna and laugh at how badly our predictions were for the county champ. Division One is particularly wrong. There’s literally fifteen minutes worth of leprechaun gold here. Although no, you can’t have your money back.

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