What comes before Part B? Partayy that’s what! Just like that joke flops, so too does this pod where Whitto attempts his good ol’ cheeky humour with contrasting results. The one about Steve Smith decking a moose is pretty good. As for the others? We’ll let you decide. But don’t be the party pooper!

This week we treat you to an eyewitness account of Jos Buttler’s barnstorming innings against the Aussies. If you didn’t know already your host had the pleasure of bathing in the sunshine and eyeing up Buttler’s bat. After all what a firm bat it was. Thanks to him, the boys in blue snuck over the line with just one wicket to spare. Jake Ball playing the innings of his life. With 1 not out. Whitto innuendos his way through the sticky situation.

Due to his inability to find other people funny, get ready for a particularly long Whitto moan. He claims to love a party. But we ain’t so sure. Unless the party is attending funerals. Otherwise he appears to be the party pooper. Have a listen and see what you reckon about his plans to change the way cricket is viewed. Most noteworthy is some rubbish about banning booze. The Party pooper? Seems like it already.

There’s some recounting of conversations heard at Old Trafford; if you’ve got kids cover their ears folks. Otherwise everything is fine and dandy. Hear who’s defying death by limping to centuries, which Kent bowler may be on Maradona’s magic dust and the incredible finish to a club match in High Wycombe. Yep. Why would you be so high and mighty over this? You’ll love the pod.

In conclusion, why not waste thirteen minutes of your life and indulge us?

And if you even remotely disagree with anything, then tough luck.

Who’s the party pooper now eh?