While it’s easy to think football and horse racing are the two most popular sports in the UK right now, we’ve always had a soft spot for cricket. It’s why you’re here, after all! However, the good old game has seen a massive boom over the past few years, both in terms of betting and viewing, as well as people taking part.

There are more and more opportunities for people to get into cricket nowadays, too. Whether it’s through wider betting markets or popular sites such as Fantasy Punter popping up, it’s never been easier to get behind the wickets. T20 internationals, too, have done a lot for the sport in recent times. Let’s delve a bit deeper into why cricket might be going through an amazing renaissance.

Cricket’s easier than ever to get into

While those of us of a certain age will remember Channel 4’s hours and hours of cricket that used to take up the schedules back in the 80s and 90s, people are now able to enjoy the action through specific TV channels, through online streaming, and more. It’s even possible to watch an entire test series – if you wish – via your smartphone on a long journey. And why not?

T20 cricket has also helped to bring the game to a whole new audience. T20 is a style of cricket that, of course, brings the length of matches down to just one innings, and 20 overs. It’s only been a part of the international cricketing standard for the past 10-15 years, but this shorter format means that you don’t need to set aside whole afternoons to get into the betting and spectating spirit.

T20 ups the ante

It’s also pretty safe to say that T20 cricket has helped to make the game that little bit more intense, and therefore more exciting. With just one innings in play, the stakes are immediately higher. Therefore, the best international players are always likely to be playing at the top of their game from match to match.

It also means that there’s not necessarily a focus on run-scoring. This means that teams no longer have to play the long game – instead working hard to get ahead as quickly as possible. T20’s also made things much more accessible to children and young people who really want to learn and excel at the game, too. They can just pick up a bat and ball and dive straight in.

T20’s gone global

The emergence of the T20 World Cup in recent years has also brought millions more fans to the sport. Just as the football and rugby league / union world cups prove to be fast-paced and highly intense, T20 has helped to bring cricket up to the same standard.

There’s even the boxing day cricket phenomenon that’s popped up in recent years, too. The fact is cricket is no longer seen as the long, drawn-out spectacle it once was. If you’re new to the wickets, give T20 a look first and see if it inspires you!