Surrey deny England the one advantage they might have had in this summer’s cricket

I would have to say that the England Test side is in a bad moment. The winter tour was a shambles and, frankly, beating India in the upcoming series this summer is far from a foregone conclusion because, you know, India can play a bit. However, one advantage we did have was the fact their skipper, the marvellously talented Virat Kohli, is a little bit rubbish in England.

So why, in that knowledge, have Alec Stewart and Surrey given up this slender advantage by giving Kohli a one-month deal so he can ‘adjust to conditions’?

Don’t throw commercials at me. Of course, Kohli for even a month is going to sell a few tickets and all that good stuff but that merely deflects the ball to third man and takes away from the original point.

England need to win this Test series, badly. Actually, they need to win it well. Kohli on song is a massive plus to India, obviously. An under-par Kohli, leading his side, gives England an edge that they really do need right now.

So, by giving Kohli a month’s worth of active nets in advance of the five-Test series starting on 1st August, Surrey have completely stitched England up.

Mind you, at least we have an excuse when the better side wins.

Australia search high and low to find a person with right ‘ethics’ to lead the team

It must have been a tough search, too. An Australian that can go on camera and promise to play nicely without smirking, giggling or telling everyone he has his fingers crossed.

Justin Langer is the man that has been chosen and he is already singing from the “we won’t cheat anymore” hymn sheet.

He has assured everyone that his team “will know where the line is” when it comes to sledging, which sounds a bit dull.

Langer has also said he will welcome back Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft when their bans end. Whether you agree or not, it was probably worth getting those cards out on the table nice and early.

So the search is over. Justin Langer, former opening batsman, replaces Darren Lehman, former opening batsman.